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Our Ringlock scaffolding system is manufactured using hi-strength steel mechanically welded and finished with hot dip galvanized finish.
Each ringlock scaffolding includes standard, horizontal, brace, plank, bracket, ladder, stairs, etc.
Ring Lock Scaffolding is A Modular Scafffolding System For Acess Scaffolding, Scaffold Tower, Roof Scaffolding, Building Scaffolding and Slab Formwork Support in Normal Duty and Hi Load Shore System Heavy Duty.
Normal Duty Ring Lock Scaffolding is Made From OD48.3x3.2mm Scaffold Tube for Standard Scaffold Verticals and Scaffold Ledgerls.
Hi Load Shore System Ringlock Scaffolding is made From OD60mm Scaffold Tube in Hot dip galvanized with OD48mm Scaffold Jack Bases and Forkhead and U Head Jacks.

We produce and sell:
1. Kinds of scaffolding and others metal parts
2. More than 10 years ‘exportation experience
3. 30,000 tons annual capacity
4. with ISO9001-2000 quality management system
5. TUV/GS, CE Certificate

Product Description
Ringlock scaffolding, also called Modular Scaffolding and Multi-directional Scaffolding, the junction enables quick and easy connection of load bearing items as well as reinforcing parts to each other with an enormous rigidity.

Product Details

Name Ringlock scaffolding
Place of Origin Bac Ninh Viet Nam
Brand name Hungphat
Size Ø48.3*3.25*1000/2000/3000 or as your request
Main Material Q235, Q195, Q345
Surface Treatment Galvanized
Color Silver
Certificate ISO9001, SGS, CE, CCIC etc
Features Automatic Welding
Service OEM Service available
Delivery Time One week after confirmation
Packing In bulk/In bundle/as your request
Production capability 100 tons per day
Manufactory Location Bac Ninh, Viet Nam
Main parts standard, ledger, diagonal brace, toe board, etc

Ringlock Scaffolding Vertical Standard Ø48 SERIES Normal Duty
(Ø48.1mm x 3.2mm, Q345, Hot Dipped Galvanized)

Length Weight
RingLock 250mm 1.89kg
RingLock 300mm 1.98kg
RingLock 500mm 2.76kg
RingLock 1000mm 5.18kg
RingLock 1500mm 7.61kg
RingLock 2000mm 10.03kg
RingLock 2500mm 12.45kg
RingLock 3000mm 14.87kg
RingLock 4000mm 19.72kg


Ringlock Scaffolding Vertical Standard Ø60 SERIES Hi Load Shore System
(Ø60mm x 3.2mm, Q345, Hot Dipped Galvanized)

Lenght Weight
RingLock 250mm 2.65kg
RingLock 500mm 3.45kg
RingLock 1000mm 7.11kg
RingLock 1500mm 9.54kg
RingLock 2000mm 11.98kg
RingLock 2500mm 14.42kg
RingLock 3000mm 16.86kg


Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger Horizontal
(48.1mm x 3.0mm, Q345, Hot Dipped Galvanized )

Length Weight
Ledger 1000mm 4.62kg
Ledger 1500mm 6.50kg
Ledger 2000mm 8.38kg
Ledger 2500mm 10.27kg
Ledger 3000mm 12.16kg


Ringlock Diagonal Brace
(48.1mm x 3.2mm, Q345, Hot Dipped Galvanized )

Diagonal Brace Weight
1000×2000mm 10.06kg
1500×2000mm 10.95kg
2000×2000mm 12.13kg
2500×2000mm 13.50kg
3000×2000mm 15.01kg


Ringlock Scaffolding Console Side Bracket-O&U Type

Length Weight(KG)
360mm 3.4KG
650mm 6.6KG
690mm 7.5KG
730mm 7.8KG
830mm 8.62KG
1090mm 12.0KG


Ringlock Scaffold Starter Base Collar

Length Weight(KG)
240mm 1.6KG
300mm 2.0KG
430mm 2.7KG


Ring Lock Scaffolding Bridge Ledger-Europe

Length Weight(KG)
1570mm 3.4KG
2070mm 6.6KG
2570mm 7.5KG
3070mm 7.8KG


Ring Lock Scaffolding Truss Ledgers-USA Type

Length Weight(KG)
1820mm 13.65KG
2130mm 16.5KG
2430mm 18.1KG
3050mm 23.4KG
4260mm 31.81KG
5170mm 38.25KG


Ring Lock Scaffold Lattice Beam

Length Weight(KG)
5140mm 69.9KG
5170mm 70.47KG
6140mm 82.63KG
7710mm 103.76KG




Package & Shipment